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Mark: Lesson 22

Lesson text: Mark 9:30-50 Jesus predicts His impending death on the cross to the disciples for a second time. On this occasion, He adds that He will be betrayed, or given over, into the hands of men. In the aftermath of this prophecy, Jesus takes the disciples aside for an extending teaching time. This begins with His response to their debate over who is the greatest. He then explains that any who serve in His name are part of His…

The Romans Road: Part 2

Lesson text: Romans 6:23 This is the turning point in the Romans Road gospel presentation. Up to now the focus has been on humanity’s sin. Now we see the change from our hopeless sin problem to deliverance through faith in Jesus. Sermon: “A Scary Story” The sermon focuses on the parable of Lazarus and the rich man from Luke 16:19-31 and serves as the lead-in to this Bible study. Lesson Page

The Romans Road: Part 1

Lesson text: Romans 3:23 The Romans Road is arguably the most well-known evangelistic tool in the world. It begins with the basic truth that everyone is a sinner. It doesn’t matter what your background is, or your race, nationality, or religion. And this sin has caused a problem as it relates to our relationship with God. Sermon: “Where It All Started”In order to understand “all have sinned,” it’s good to know where sin started. This sermon from Genesis 3 recounts…