Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision


We are praying people equipped by Jesus to impact this world for the next.


Interlink Fellowship is committed to initiating, developing, sustaining and revitalizing worship groups/organizations locally, nationally and abroad.

Who are we?
  • A diverse group of people who love the Lord Jesus Christ
  • We all come from different backgrounds and have different gifts and talents that we want to use to the best of our ability to further the Kingdom of God
  • We are not perfect but we always want to do what is best for God – whether it’s with our jobs, families, friends, communities or church.
What are we doing?
  • Strengthening peoples’ faith in and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ to actually live out the Great Commission.
  • We are working to reach into communities locally and abroad – Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Hawaii, as some examples.
  • We are connecting to like-minded new and mature believers across the United States.
  • We will teach individuals to pray; assist groups to sing and celebrate with music; provide sound Bible teaching to both adults and children; equip worship groups with preaching and pastoral support.
  • We will assist with the technological approaches to reaching and linking individuals and groups  
  • Connecting the Kingdom of God and His people with meaningful, non-denominational and Eternity-oriented purpose.