What We Believe

What We Believe


The original writings of the Scriptures (what we call the Bible) are without error and God inspired them. They are correct and reliable on the subjects and principles they present. They are Truth. By  extension, what the Bible says about miracles, creation, the One True God, right and wrong and other topics are all, also…True. As such, we ought to use it as our guide for life.


Jesus Christ is God. While He was born of a woman, His Father is God, Himself. This teaching also brings into the picture that God is three; the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. This also interconnects with the first tenant, in that all that the Word of God, the Bible, predicted regarding Jesus happened.


Jesus, as predicted in Scripture, paid the penalty for all the things we have ever done wrong, ever will do wrong and even our tendency to think and do wrong things. The Bible calls that sin. He took our place. He suffered and died in our place, for us. The only reason He could do that is because He is God and had no sin of His own.


After being buried for three days, Jesus actually, physically came back to life and walked out of the tomb where He was buried! That is called resurrection! Because He rose from the dead, resurrected, those who place their trust in Him and what He did, will too! He rose from the dead, He returned to God the Father in Heaven, and is coming back to earth one day, physically! None of this could happen if He had not risen from the dead, resurrection!