Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Preston Redding

Elder, Teacher
I’m a fan of both the Marvel and DC universes. I’d love to take on Bobby Flay or the “Chopped” judges. A cappella and vocal harmonies are my preferred music styles. I admire Stephen King as an expert pop culture author.

Gene Thomasson

Elder, Teacher
I am an OCD, DIY, minimalist. The first time I saw the opening to the series Monk, I saw him walk out the door and freaked out, because one of the three umbrellas was not hanging in the same direction as the other two…OCD. I am a DIY’er, because I like to solve problems and puzzles, which manifests itself in fixing things. My desk hardly has anything on it, I am such a minimalist, and a co-worker once asked, “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what’s an empty desk the sign of?”

Gerry Howard

Service & Benevolence
25 year old world class athlete stuffed into a worn out 64 year old body. How did that happen? Enjoys music, karaoke and time spent with friends. Married for 40 years to the most beautiful woman ever.


Finance & Outreach
Country girl born and raised but loving life in the big city! Always ready for an adventure to find the best bacon burger around. Give me a call and let’s go! Enjoy hiking/walking in the great outdoors or a quick trip down to any of the Carolina beaches. Future plans include traveling and exploring around the world with my hubby of 30 years.