Posts from January 2022

Posts from January 2022

Mark: Lesson 3

Lesson text: Mark 1:32-45 As Jesus’ fame begins to spread across Galilee, the demands for His miracles grow. The disciples, new to all this excitement, are initally swept up in the commotion. Jesus brings them back to the purpose of His mission, and they set out to preach in the region. As this point a leper asks Jesus for healing. Jesus heals the man but tells him to not spread the news of what Jesus has done. The man disregards…

Mark: Lesson 2

Lesson text: Mark 1:16-31 As Jesus begins his public ministry, He calls the first four of his primary disciples. Setting up Capernaum as His base of operations, He goes into the synagogue on the Sabbath. There Jesus astonishes the people with both His teaching and His power over a demon. The section concludes with Jesus healing Peter’s mother-in-law. Lesson worksheet Header image by Pedro Kümmel on Unsplash

Mark: Lesson 1

Lesson text: Mark 1:1-15 We begin our study of Mark’s gospel with an examination of John the Baptist, his mission and his ministry. We then turn to Jesus’ baptism, His time in the wilderness with Satan, and the beginning of His ministry in Galilee. The lesson worksheet will help guide you through each lesson, and you are free to print, copy, and share with others. Lesson worksheet Header image by CSalem from Pixabay