"love" Tagged Sermons

"love" Tagged Sermons

Be and Fulfill

Sermon text: Romans 13:6-14 As we finish out Romans 13, Paul provides us further guidance on how we are to treat each other, in light of the government God has instituted. We mentioned in the previous message that verse 6 is transitional. It leads us directly into fulfilling our obligations, loving each other with God’s kind of love and being ready for the return of Christ Jesus.

Christian Responses

Sermon text: Romans 12:14-21 In a world that is truly no friend of Grace, we are, as Christians, often having to respond to the culture around us, both within and outside the church. Paul, in this passage gives us clear guidance regarding how God’s children should respond in various situations and our message this week is a discussion on that topic.

Love’s Priority

Sermon text: Romans 12:9-13 In this passage we examine five aspects of love. In doing so, we also look at the fascinating structure of the Greek text and learn a little bit of Greek grammar, as well as a little bit of our own English grammar. All in all, we establish some of the characteristics of the Christian Community to which we should aspire.