Sermons by Gene Thomasson (Page 2)

Sermons by Gene Thomasson (Page 2)

Be and Fulfill

Sermon text: Romans 13:6-14 As we finish out Romans 13, Paul provides us further guidance on how we are to treat each other, in light of the government God has instituted. We mentioned in the previous message that verse 6 is transitional. It leads us directly into fulfilling our obligations, loving each other with God’s kind of love and being ready for the return of Christ Jesus.

Government: God’s Idea

Sermon text: Romans 13:1-5 As we continue our study through the book of Romans, we come upon some very practical guidance regarding government from the apostle Paul. It was God’s idea that man have a system for dealing with each other. We need not fear it, when we are doing what is right. We also open with a disclaimer that disobedience is sometimes warranted.

Christian Responses

Sermon text: Romans 12:14-21 In a world that is truly no friend of Grace, we are, as Christians, often having to respond to the culture around us, both within and outside the church. Paul, in this passage gives us clear guidance regarding how God’s children should respond in various situations and our message this week is a discussion on that topic.

Love’s Priority

Sermon text: Romans 12:9-13 In this passage we examine five aspects of love. In doing so, we also look at the fascinating structure of the Greek text and learn a little bit of Greek grammar, as well as a little bit of our own English grammar. All in all, we establish some of the characteristics of the Christian Community to which we should aspire.

The Castle of Calm

Sermon text: Psalm 37:3-6 In the previous message we looked at some of the craziness of the world in which we live. In this message we investigate some of the factors of the fortress to which we may run for solace. David, in trying to encourage the victims of the Babylonian captivity, shares what are to do rather than fretting about the evil-doers prospering.

Loving Self vs. Loving Scripture

Sermon text: 2 Timothy 3:1-17 As we are most aware of the craziness that is our world today, it helps to be able to put it into Biblical perspective. That is just what we try to do here. We first take a look some of the root characteristics of our current society in some depth and then turn to see the direction we need to head, the focus we need to have. We, also, point out the results of each.

Resurrection Life Now

Sermon text: Romans 5:20-6:5 Easter Sunday is a time when we usually look back with gratitude to what Jesus did on the cross. We should rejoice in the fact that He conquered the grave by rising from the dead. In Romans 6, we are encouraged to make that resurrection life a present personal possession, to live the resurrection life in the moments we have now.

The Man Born Blind

Sermon text: John 9:1-7 In this passage, we look into one of Jesus’ most notable miracles and some of its various aspects. We cannot help but see His greatness, as John’s primary focus is the deity of Jesus and the proclamation of Him as God. We especially look into the seeming odd question of the disciples and why it might have made sense to them to ask it, in their time period.

God’s Contract

Sermon text: 2 Corinthians 1:20-22 The sealing of the Christian is more than a “stamp of approval!” God’s agreements have their basis, their foundation in some very important concepts and we dig a bit into these in this message. The promises of God can be extremely encouraging when things are not going as we might like. Here we look at His agreements and the actions that result.

Living Water or Stale Wells

Sermon text: Jeremiah 17:13 Chronologically, Jeremiah wrote this verse at about the midpoint of his extensive ministry, during the reign of Jehoiakim. In order to understand the verse more fully, we dive into the history behind it. In this verse, we find specific words that draw us to three sobering questions. Our response to these questions can be life altering!

Singing…on the Cross?

Sermon text: Psalm 31:1-5 and Luke 23:46 Very often in Scripture Jesus uses remez. This entails mentioning a short Old Testament passage to bring to the minds of the hearers the rest of the passage. When we think of the Psalms and the fact that they were the music of the Jews of Jesus’s day, we are also reminded that twice Jesus quoted from the Psalms. Could it be that He sang these words from the cross?

Listen to Him!

Sermon text: Matthew 16:28-17:5 Within a week of predicting that some of the disciples would “see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom, Jesus takes three, His inner circle, up on a mountain. There He is “transfigured” before them, a kind of fulfilment of the prediction. As we look at this passage, we see some key relationships that lead to a command from the “Cloud.” These relationships serve as “credentials” or “endorsements” to prompt us to obey the command…
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