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Sermon Archives (Page 2)

Header image by Nycholas Benaia on Unsplash.

Introduction to Ephesians

Sermon text: Ephesians 1:1-2; Ephesians 3:4-6 Steve Kaptain begins his sermon series on Ephesians. Header photo by Timur Can Şentürk on Unsplash.

For His Anointed and His Glory

Sermon text: Habakkuk 3:9-19 With the first chapter of the book being identified as Habakkuk’s dialogue with Yahweh and the second chapter being the dirge he was commanded to record, the third chapter is easily marked as the doxology, as Yahweh is truly glorified!

Habakkuk’s Psalm – Part 1

Sermon text: Habakkuk 3:1-9 Chapter three begins the portion of the book that reveals the reason Habakkuk is called the “poetic prophet.” We look together at these verses to in comNovember scover the how he reminds the people of Judah of their own past and and the might of Yahweh, by taking them to their miracle filled deliverance from Egypt.

Babylon, See? S. I.

Sermon text: Habakkuk 2:15-20 As we finish out the second chapter and the last two woes of Habakkuk’s taunt-song, we see the measure of the depravity of this oppressor and his people. We also see the judgment that is predicted. The last verse of the chapter serves as a transition to the “song of worship” of the third and last chapter.

Taunt Song, Part 1

Sermon text: Habakkuk 2:6-11 As Habakkuk provides his original readers with a seven-decade peek into the future, to encourage them that their oppressors would ultimately be judged, the prophet breaks into a taunt-song containing five “woes.” We look into the first two of these, which teach us some important principles, also. 


Text: Habakkuk 2:4-5 There is an amazing correlation between “the proud one” that Habakkuk describes in the fourth verse of the second chapter of his prophecy and Belshazzar, who would fulfill the prophecy some seven decades later. This also correlates with Jeremiah’s prophecy for the length of time Judah would be in captivity to the Babylonians, as well as explaining the recording and waiting mentioned earlier in the chapter.

Not the Only Fishers of Men

Text: Habakkuk 1:13-17 Finishing out the first chapter of the prophet’s exchange with Yahweh, we, not only, “see” that he realizes the purity and holiness of the One to Whom he a been complaining, we are, also, able to relate the truths to the importance of our standing to the task of “catching” the people of our very own society, before they are trapped and, forever, lost to the Kingdom.

Higher Ground

Text: Philippians 3:12-14 Paul’s model was to put aside what had come before, good and bad, and keep his eyes focused on what the Lord had in front of him. It’s so easy to look back at our former glory or to hang onto past hurts. But the big question is, what are you looking forward to?

Habakkuk’s Response to Yahweh’s Answer – Confidence

Text: Habakkuk 1:12 It is almost as though Habakkuk suddenly realizes Who has responded to him and begins to “take stock.” In this single verse, we find, rather densely packed, nine attributes/characteristics of Yahweh God. It is exciting to realize with wonder the majesty of the One Who Loves us so much, as we briefly look at these areas of confidence that the prophet expresses.